Hi!  I’m so glad you found me.  I’m Julie, and I am Practically Spent.

Like you, I’ve spent most of my life highly concerned about health in all sorts of ways.  I focus on helping other busy moms and caregivers learn ways to live naturally, intentionally and economically even when life gets feeling crazy.


I hadn’t always focused in the fullest capacity on each aspect of my life.  I let health issues and circumstances wear me down to the point of being practically spent.  I felt exhausted physically, emotionally and financially.

As much as I would have loved to just stay in bed every day, I’ve always had a driving force of pure grit.  I knew I couldn’t give up.  That wasn’t an option.  So I sought more answers.

It was through my focused transformation that “practically spent” took on a different meaning.  I began to live with more ease and presence, taking time to be mindful of the moment.  Revisiting meditation, learning EFT Tapping and working with breath and energy, I was able to allow a sense of calmness.  Where there was once fear and longing, I learned to greet issues with space and peace as they arose.

What happened was a complete metamorphosis of my entire life.  I gave up fighting to work harder, do more and get better and replaced it with mindfulness and attention to the present moment.


I took time, lots of it, to pay attention, to learn, to research and uncover the many ways of what’s really occurring in our world, how we operate in it and what we need to do to be our own advocates.

I don’t have a degree in medicine or lots of letters behind my name.  What I do have is decades of personal research, trial and error, and an unrelenting drive to educate people on how they can live their best, most affordable lives through food and personal alignment.

Just like me, I know you care so very much about your family and our world.  You want to nourish those you love with the best possible ingredients of life and teach them how to carry that knowledge with them throughout their own lives.

You want to focus on living intentionally through sustainable earth habits, body and mind exercises, and financial care.

You’re here because your desire is pure, your devotion is never ending and you have the passion for making a difference in your life and others.

You, too, are Practically Spent.  Welcome!!